Afghanistan Agribusiness
9 June 2018

Afghanistan Agribusiness

Back to Kabul after 8 years

In March, Stuart visited Kabul for a brief 10 day mission to meet with a range of private sector actors, donors, projects and government representatives to better understand the current status of the agribusiness sector. From this visit, and a review of a range of reports and project documents, the team have developed the concept for a new programme to support the sector to build opportunities for employment and increased incomes.

Drawing on experience gained through his earlier work in the country, together with work on agribusiness programmes in many contexts, Stuart led the scoping study development. 

The review work highlighted the complex network of programmes and government initiatives working in the sector, and therefore the challenge for any new programme to have an impact. The analysis showed though that an adaptive and flexible programme, using a Market System Development approach could have the best chance of making a significant contribution to the sector development.  

The report will be used by DFID to develop the new agribusiness support programme in Afghanistan.