Ag Dynamics - Biosecurity Expertise
19 May 2017

Ag Dynamics - Biosecurity Expertise

Stuart Pettigrew has recently led biosecurity surveys on behalf of Agriculture Victoria and The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Biosecurity can change rapidly in response to new pests or regulations, making it difficult for industry and government to be responsive to these variable demands.

Ag Dynamics has many years of experience in the areas of biosecurity, industry engagement and horticultural production. Through these activities, we have also developed a large number of partnerships with other service providers throughout Australia.

In recent months, this unique combination of skills and experience has been called on by Agriculture Victoria to assist in surveillance activities targeting the citrus, viticulture and nursery industries. The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has also engaged Ag Dynamics to support further citrus surveillance in the north of Australia.

This 'contracting model' means agencies can access skilled and experienced staff at short notice to respond to the fluctuating demands inherent in biosecurity.

To find out how we can help with your future needs, please contact Stuart on 0429 936 812.