Citrus Orchard in Waikerie
1 August 2021

Citrus Orchard in Waikerie

First Harvest and Replanting Programme

The 2018 plantings of Washington and Cara Cara Navels delivered their first harvest in June 2021. It was small but significant step in the evolution of the property. There is something satisfying about seeing the cashflow start to turn around!

The old trees have now all been removed, and replanting commenced with 400 or so late navels planted in Spring 2020. The aim is to replant all 3 hectares of bare ground b the end of 2022 and start the long, slow road to production.

The small are of mature late navels is  therefore the backbone of our modest income for the coming season,  but with good management, the 2018 plantings will be paying their way by the 2023 harvest.