Farm Biosecurity Reviews
18 September 2016

Farm Biosecurity Reviews

Protecting your asset through improved biosecurity

Farm Biosecurity is important for all properties - big and small. Biosecurity is not just about managing threats of exotic diseases, but includes all pests that can impact on a farms profitability.

Whenever a new pests turns up, there is a cost involved in getting it under control. Once under control, the last thing a grower wants is for the pest to be reintroduced. For exotic pests, the damage can be even more devastating.

Stuart Pettigrew has been the Citrus Biosecurity Manager since October 2013, under a Horticulture Innovation Australia project, implemented by Plant Health Australia. The experience gained from this work, as well as his experience working in pest management and farm management for 25 years, means that Ag Dynamics can work with growers to implement practical measures to limit biosecurity risks, and ensure the best chance for long term profitability for the farmer.