Investment Review and Due Diligence
25 July 2017

Investment Review and Due Diligence

Ensuring a property measures up to expectations is the first step to successful investing

A property review is not just a quick drive around the main roads and a review of recent yields. Uncovering the likely risks and challenges of a property requires a detailed knowledge of horticulture, and experience looking at a range of regions, properties and management regimes.

Of course, ensuring the review is fit-for-purpose to the transaction is also important. Really large transactions will most likely benefit from a team approach, with specific expertise of soils, irrigation and post harvest management contributing to the quality of the final assessment. Ag Dynamics regularly collaborate with other consultants and experts to ensure the right level of detail is applied to each review.

Confidentiality is also paramount in our approach. For this reason, actual reviews undertaken by Ag Dynamics are not published, but we can say that reviews across citrus, almonds, table and wine grapes and olive are among the recent work completed by us.

So if you are in the market for your first investment in horticulture, or are looking to expand your existing portfolio, please contact Ag Dynamics to discuss your needs.